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Alreg Scientific supports the idea of Open Source Software and honors the GNU Public License and other similar legal protections for Open Source Software. We acknowledge the tremendous efforts of many independant software developers that has resulted in a new generation of software products - such as Linux, Postfix, Bind, Sendmail, Apache, GCC,and others - that form a strong base upon which our business is built.

We are committed to honoring the legal requirements associated with Open Source Software; any customizations, enhancements to, or derivations from an Open Source base will be freely made available back to the Open Source community. Where possible, we will strive to support additional development of Open Source Software. However, much of our future business plans involve the development of new software that will contain proprietary elements that will give us, or our clients, a competetive advantage in the marketplace. Our own continued financial success is a critical prerequisite for our ability to support Open Source ideals. Our preservation of intellectual property rights for software developed internally in no way lessens our commitment to supporting Open Source software; we believe that proprietary, closed source technology can co-exist with Open Source technology in a way that is mutually benefial to us, our clients, and to the Open Source community.

In short, we're not hard-liners about Open Source, but we support it as much as possible. However, we can also make compelling business arguments why most software, if open sourced, can actually lead to more revenue for our customers.

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