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Linux Consulting

Alreg Scientific has extensive experience with the two largest Linux distributions, RedHat Linux and Debian Linux. We are happy to assist you with all of your Linux needs.

Alreg Scientific linux Consultants are competent in the following areas of expertise:

Alreg Scientific provides enterprise quality support for Linux by acting as a resource to match companies seeking Linux support including everything from system administration to software development to integration with other operating systems with qualified technicians who can help them, and all with a simple interface. We will be expanding our support capabilities, and provide more services to our existing Linux customers. As usual, we will continue our reputation as Linux Specialists, for support, security, networks, and servers, as well as creating new channels to help all Linux users and companies. If you, or your company is interested in having our team setup your Linux, or maintaining existing installations, or you need us to provide support agreements, for all versions of Linux, please feel free to contact us or mail at info(at)alregscientific. com

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